You Know You Need to Use Email Marketing to Make a Lasting Connection With Your Customers...

(You're pretty clever, that's how we know.)

A “Win Back Campaign” will bring any subscriber list back from the dead. 

Are you mourning the loss of an engaged subscriber list? 

The Win Back Campaign puts the fire back in their hearts, and quickly pulls them back into the relationship with your brand.


Let Us Craft Emails for You That Will Help Grow Your Business

Here’s How it Works...


All emails that your subscribers receive will be easy to view on screens of all sizes, making it way easier for them to read them and take action.


Our Win Back Campaign emails are crafted by talented and ingenious copywriters who have perfected relationship-forming email copy down to a science. They know exactly what works.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

If you're feeling stuck or exhausted with no time to write personalized emails to re-engage your subscribers (because unengaged subscribers aren’t likely to make a purchase), we’ll gladly lighten your load. 

After working closely with you and your brand, we’ll craft an email series that will resonate with and inspire each subscriber on your list. 

You’ll then have the option to have us setup your Win Back Campaign in your email automation software… 


… take advantage of our discount as an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and let us hook you up with your own Infusionsoft account at a HUGE discount.

Watch Your Sales Jump! 

Just imagine... 

You're running your business, feeling totally in control, productive and more profitable.... 

...and you're not even worrying about injecting the life back into the subscriber list you worked hard to build, because your Win Back Campaign is doing that in spades. Once it's ready to go, you won't need to worry about it! 

A Word From Cirius Marketing CEO 

"We do this stuff all the time for our clients, and for ourselves. We employed the concept of personalized and re-engaging Win Back Campaign emails, and wrapped it around our own strategy that has been proven to work for ANY kind of business.- Nick Ciriello 

Are You Ready to Use the Power of Email Marketing to Its Full Business-Growing Potential?

Before we can create your Win Back Campaign, you'll need to hammer out a strategy to build it around!

You need to talk to us about what to do next, so schedule a Double Your Sales Review. 

  • Pick a time that’s right for you, and we’ll give you a ring. 
  • No fees, no strings, just you and your growth specialist on the phone, deciding which strategy/s would be best for your business. 
  • 30 minutes. One checklist and review. 

Who The Double Your Sales Review is for: 

Business owners who want to use the latest and most effective online marketing strategies to grow. 

Who The Double Your Sales Review is NOT for: 

Business owners who feel they aren’t ready to take this route to grow their business. 

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