Customer Adventure Score

Attention: Your Website Could Be Broken
Fix the Broken Bridges On Your Website

And Turn Strangers Into Rabid Buyers

Pinpoint your brand's strongest & weakest parts of the customer journey in less than 5 minutes by completing the customer adventure score.


What You'll Gain By Taking This Customer Adventure Score

Assess your current approach so you can see exactly what's working in your current journey and where your customers could use better directions.

Pinpoint what areas to focus on so you can build a marketing strategy that turns customers into raving fans and keeps them coming back!

Empower your business with new tools & resources so you can achieve exceptional profits by discovering exactly how to attract & convert customers.

What is The Customer Value Journey and Why Does It Matter?

The Customer Value Journey is a roadmap that outlines the 8 stages that prospects travel as they discover your brand, build a relationship with you, and become customers that turn into raving fans.

It helps you discover the strongest points of your customer's experience, as well as where you might need to fill in some gaps (or broken bridges as we call them).

Without this roadmap, it's easy for customers to get lost along the way, stall out, or forget they ever started on a path with your brand.

...So how do you know where your customers could use better directions?

It's Easy.

Calculate your Customer Adventure Score in less than 5 minutes and pinpoint your brand's strongest & weakest stages of your customer value journey.

customer adventure score

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